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If you are struggling with managing your finances or if you are in need of cash to bail you out of an emergency, if you are facing trouble with your property’s mortgage or if you are finding it difficult to keep pace with insurance payments, your problems can be laid to rest now. All you have to do is to put your faith in us. All you have to do is to put your faith in Jay & Co.

We are financial and property brokers who can make your financial life very easy. Whether you need a lot of cash or a steady amount every few weeks to keep you afloat, we can not only help you in exploring financial avenues that can bring your financial life back on track but can also provide you with a list of lenders who would be willing to put their faith in you!  

If you want to regain your grip over your financial car’s steering, don’t hesitate in giving us a call right now! 

Here is Why We Stand Out

We Fight Your Case

We don’t just use our contacts to introduce you with the lenders; we ensure that you get access to the financial option that we have already discussed with you. With our knowledge in the field, we will present your case with such efficiency that you will always end up with the best of deals.


Award Winning Lenders

We can bring the best and the most flexible lenders to the table so as to help you out in your time of need. With our vast contacts throughout the industry, you can get access to lenders who you would generally miss out on but these are the lenders who would stick with you when most won’t!

Loan and Mortgage Specialists

Everybody have their own problems and difficulties and thus, the solution to their problems is different as well. A loan amount might do well for one but might not be a great option for another. Home equity might be brilliant for one but a flop idea for another. Being specialists in all these fields, we would guide you to the right option every time!


Independent and Impartial Advice

Even though we have contacts with various lenders, our advice is totally independent and impartial and we don’t lean towards any single lending institute or lender. We will first assess your situation and then present our most honest advice on how you can get things back on track!

Advantages of Using Jay & Co

Almost everybody faces financial issues at one stage of their lives or the other. The important thing is how they manage those issues. If the issues are handled properly and the right decisions are made to tackle those issues, they won’t return. However, if they are mismanaged and mishandled then the financial troubles would never go away. Using Jay & Co can prove beneficial when you go short on cash. The advantages include:

We can help you explore financial options that would be best fitted for your condition

We have contacts with the best lenders in the industry

We know how to ensure that the lender accepts your application.

We can use our knowledge to get you the best terms and conditions on any deal.

With so many advantages, don’t hesitate in contacting us to solve your cash issues! 

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Happy Clients

Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

I have been a client of Jay & Co for some considerable time and I must say that I have been more than pleased with the expert advice and guidance given and the financial gains that I have received as a result of their excellent advice.
Thomas E. Callier

Happy Clients

My experience with the advisors at Jay & Co has been a great one. They were very efficient and had very good communication skills. They have always maintained a personal and friendly service.
Velma J. Danner